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Vacation, going unplugged, and other related things…

San Francisco by luca.sartoni / CC BY SA

Unless you live under a rock, you are surely aware of the plight those of us fortunate enough to fall under the umbrella of “GenX/GenY/Millenials” are facing. We amass mountains of debt getting degrees that either 1) don’t help us land a job, 2) get us a job where we’re underpaid & overworked, or 3) […]

Making New Years Resolutions That Work


We’re not that far into 2014, and chances are those resolutions most people have made haven’t really seen the light of day. As I’m sitting here at Barnes & Noble on my day off, I was thinking about what might be an interesting new topic to do some writing on, and the idea of new year’s […]


Fall / Winter 2014 Men’s Cologne Review


To say that 2014 has been a slow year for the men’s fragrance industry is a tactfully-stated fact. Week after week, my exploratory trips to the perfume counters have turned up bleak with an astonishingly low number of new releases. While this presented itself as somewhat of an issue in the warmer months, there has been […]

Understanding Male Fashion Trends

I sat down recently to begin writing my interpretation on the upcoming male fashion trends for the 2014 fashion year, now that New York Fashion Week has made its statements, and North America is beginning to thaw out to temperatures that will welcome some lighter apparel. But first, a little introspection into how what you […]


Economical Entertainment: Satellite and Cable Alternatives


I am fed up with paying a ton for nothing. Who’s with me? “Oh, but you’ll get the Cinemax, HBO, Showtime, this, that, with this package, and we’ll give you a $30 a month discount for a year, etc…” We’ve all heard it before. The spiel of the satellite / cable guy and his best […]


Four Fantastic Gay Vacation Spots


One of my favorite things, when I’m feeling tied up in the city and wanting to get out, is to browse through the enormous community-driven compendium of all places beautiful and sunny on WikiTravel. Written by and for the world in a very “Google-like” frame of mind, set up and just as easy to navigate […]

Portland City Grill – Portland, OR

Portland City Grill

I’ve started taking some of my restaurant reviews previously posted on Yelp and adding them onto the blog. Over time, I’m going to be adding a lot of of new reviews and some reviews I’ve started on and never yet finished. Here’s one of my absolute all-time favorites, my review of the Portland City Grill […]